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A project aiming to support and develop the documentation of Morenatsu characters, feature projects and develop APIs. Plus other oddball software.

Current Projects

Summer By Distance

A GoLang API for providing descriptions of Morenatsu characters. (Currently under a rewrite.) The proposed idea is that Visual Novels and other games featuring cameos of characters from Morenatsu can have a consistent source of information. Licensed under GPL-3.0.


This website is kept up to date as much as possible. Licensed under AGPL-3.0.


A static JSON version of the Summer By Distance API. This is for software that can parse JSON. Licensed under MIT.

OSC ToolKit

Electron app for managing and downloading homebrew from The Open Shop Channel's services. Licensed under GPL-3.0.

Inactive Projects


A GoLang SOAP server designed for delivering Wii Shop Channel SOAP. Licensed under AGPL-3.0.
Discontinued: Currently getting a major rewrite.


Morenatsu Network does not own the original game, or the original characters of Morenatsu. Do not contact us for permission to use characters, as we do not own them.